Banco de Crédito, Lima, Peru: 2014

The award winning BCP Affinity is an interactive three dimensional façade installation on the Banco de Crédito building in Lima, Peru.

Our proposal is an iconic public artwork installation with an interactive interface to directly engage the general public, suggesting new ways of seeing, feeling and experiencing one’s own perception of self.  This project was realised in collaboration with Claudia Paz.

Exploring the installation, people can feel how the personal scale is expanded to the architectural scale. The result is an awe-inspiring experience of light, sound, speed and generative architecture that is directly related to one’s own body movements.  There is no option but to be playful. One can push aside rain, ignite explosive fireworks or touch the Aurora Borealis.

Each interactive show has a unique interface that intuitively steers you to express yourself. Much like a musical instrument, people generate their own composition but smart algorithms are working in the background ensuring a beautiful encounter.

The installation consists of three main parts; the 3D facade canvas with 6 layers of LEDs (covering 50 x 19 x 1.2 meters), the interactive LED outdoor podium (1.7 x 1.5 meters) with multi-touch sensors and the interactive lighting control systems.

The public facing podium has a direct visual relationship with the facade creating an impressive but unifying experience. Stereo speakers flank the slanting podium, which delineates the space for expression. The podium senses 3D depth and provides a touch-less interface that transmits body movements, via live interactive programming, onto the 3D facade.

BCP is situated on a busy junction and is visible across the city skyline. It stands out as a visual icon contributing to everyone’s experience regardless of their distance from the building.