About Nicholas Cheung Studio

Nick Cheung aspires to design new experiences that invoke peoples’ playfulness. If we instinctively engage with our surroundings, then these emotive experiences become unforgettable memories.

I use light to paint spaces and interactive technology to create shared experiences. I aim to break down barriers and communicate the client’s chosen message that is carefully woven into the project.

Proposals are turned into reality by seamlessly integrating new technology into the designs. Working from London allows a multi-discipline approach with specialist technical consultants who can provide R&D to deliver reliable systems.

Project procurement and delivery is international, with core design work in London, components manufactured in Asia and installation in the client’s chosen country. The workflow process has been refined to ensure smooth delivery for international projects but this is a design journey, which clients are encouraged to join in!

Nick Cheung studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture, where he won the nomination for the RIBA Bronze medal. Over the last 10 years, his interest in architecture has covered a broad spectrum from master-planning and house design to media installations and lighting artworks. Nick has spent his career designing in London, overseeing manufacturing in Asia and installing projects across the world.